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Bowling News USA - February 11, 2011 Storm Warning....Hess, Warren, Jurek and DeVaney are Left in Winner's Bracket...

Breaking News from Reno...

Storm equipment in the hands of the unbeaten!

New Storm Virtual Gravity™ Nano is the talk of the Masters...

Four bowlers are left in the Winner's Bracket at the 2011 USBC Masters being held at the National Bowling Stadium in Reno, NV.

Storm Regional Staffer Tom Hess continues to maul opponents on his way to the finals. Hess' latest victim was Tommy Jones, who went down 763 - 665 in the Round of 8. Earlier in the Round of 16, Hess fired a 750 against Patrick Allen (629), and yesterday in Round of 32 action, Hess blasted the defending champion, Walter Ray Williams Jr., 777 - 611.

Hess is using the new Storm Virtual Gravity Nano after qualifying with the Storm Marvel™.

Hess' next opponent is Chris Warren, who used the Virtual Gravity Nano to defeat former Masters Champion Rick Steelsmith 738 - 538 in the Round of 8.

For more information on the new Storm Virtual Gravity Nano click below:

Mike DeVaney will battle Jack Jurek in the remaining Winner's bracket matchup. DeVaney is using a Storm Reign Supreme™ and Victory Road™ while Jurek has been using a Storm Anarchy™.

Eight bowlers remain alive in the Loser's Bracket including Storm staffer Brian Himmler.

Click below to view the Masters bracket:

Stay posted to Storm Enews for the latest updates from the 2011 USBC Masters!

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