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Bowling News USA - February 4, 2011 2011 February High Roller Ready for Takeoff at Sam's Town...

If you haven't heard, a new bonus awards players for coming out early in the week. If you make the cut on Monday or Tuesday, your hotel room is free for Monday through Thursday!

We're now counting down to just a few days before tournament time in Las Vegas - the Bowling Capital of the World! The tournament office for TAT and High Roller has been processing entries from their websites every hour and is gearing up for another huge week of payouts to amateur bowlers only! Enter now at or It's easy, fast and secure!

The 2011 February High Roller is here!

We are looking forward to large fields at Sam's Town for the High Roller and at Orleans for the TAT! Hundreds of bowlers will take home a piece of over $600,000 with the grand winner at each center getting $25,000! There will be at least 6 prizes of $10,000 or more paid in the 2 amateur-only tournaments.

Storm Representatives will be onsite at Sam's Town!

Both events start on Super Bowl Sunday but the finals do not conflict so you can bowl both events. High Roller finals are Saturday, February 12 and the TAT finals are Sunday the 13th. And the great news is that you don't need to be there for the entire week as there are many qualifying squads to choose from. Pick one and bowl your way into the rich finals.

High Roller players receive the new Storm Anarchy when they purchase the No Brainer entry fee and the Reign Supreme and new Marvel are available for re-entries.

Tournament offices at both centers will be open on Sunday for registration: Sam's Town at 9am and Orleans at 4pm. High Roller offers a free practice session from 10 - 11am followed by 4 Sweeper squads. TAT has a free practice session from 6 - 8pm.

With 6 days of qualifying squads to pick from, its easy to bowl in the TAT, the High Roller, watch football and see the sights of Las Vegas.

So come out, watch the NFL Super Bowl and participate in 2 great events, the TAT and High Roller.

For info and brochures, contact us at or call us toll free at 1-800-257-6179. Visit us often at and Hope to see you in Las Vegas next week where you can bowl two great tournaments in the same week with over $600,000 in cash & prizes.

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