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Bowling News USA - February 3, 2011 New Product Release Announcement - Virtual Gravity™ Nano!



Storm is extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of the Virtual Gravity Nano.  Storm took one of the most popular balls in bowling history and made it better.  How did we do that?  The secret to the Virtual Gravity Nano lies in the coverstock.  With Nanotechnology, NRG will give bowlers increased oil traction due to the micro-dynamic enhancements of the surface. Just looking at the surface of the new NRG material shows you the increased surface texture between the peaks and valleys, as well as the more aggressive edges on the top of the peaks!

As the original Virtual Gravity quickly became Storm’s all-time best seller, the new Nano is sure to follow in its footsteps...and yes, those are big shoes to fill!

The Virtual Gravity Nano will be available in pro shops March 1, 2011.

For more information on the Virtual Gravity Nano please visit


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February, 2011