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Bowling News USA - January 14, 2011 Jodi Woessner Wins Ohio Queens

Storm staff member, Jodi Woessner finally won the tournament that has eluded her for nearly 20 years. The Ohio Queens is a very demanding tournament with some very good bowlers and up until this year, Woessner has finished second, third, fourth, and fifth.  This year, however, was different.

Woessner had a little extra motivation and maybe even a little extra help from above in this attempt. "My really good friend, Tiffany Inderbitzen, passed away last week,"  Woessner said. "I really had an extra spark and I dedicated my win to her." 

In all, 124 women entered the tournament.  Woessner used an Anarchy, Hy-Road, and a Reign Supreme to get through qualifying and a 2Furious in the championship match.  "I had to go with a different strategy to win," she said. "I had to loft the ball out a little to get the ball down the lane." 

Woessner won the title when she defeated runner up, Lindsey Coulles in two games. The first match she won by the score of 245-195 and the second match by the score of 248-216.

Congratulations Jodi!



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