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Bowling News USA - January 12, 2011 Learn To Bowl From Storm Staffer and Hall Of Famer Norm Duke!



Storm staff member and PBA Hall of Famer Norm Duke has over 30 years of PBA knowledge and experience.  For the first time Norm puts it all out there for you!  Norm is offering a full length DVD that will teach you all facets of the game. 

From the moment you press play Norm will share with you the things that have made him a PBA Hall of Fame member and earned him the reputation of the most versatile bowler in history. You are sure to elevate your game to the next level and beyond. This is a must have video for any league or tournament bowler.

These lessons were filmed using a full production crew and the latest high-tech equipment to give you the best quality learning experience. Filled with 87 minutes of bowling principles, tips, exercises and stunning graphics, this is the video that will improve your game immediately and permanently.

To order your copy of Norm's DVD visit


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January, 2011