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Bowling News USA - January 11, 2011 Now Available - The Storm Marvel and The Storm Victory Road!


Storm is excited to announce the release of two new products!  The Marveland the Victory Roadhit pro shop shelves today.  These hot new products are sure to take the world by Storm!!!





The Master Line features new technology with strong, dynamic core shapes that are sure to help all bowlers looking to “master” the sport of bowling.


With its strong dynamics and bold coverstock, the original Prodigy™ really struck a chord with bowlers and pro shops around the world. The pro shop professionals quickly gained confidence in drilling the Prodigy while bowlers loved its strong yet predictable motion.


With the next Prodigy, the intent is to create a motion that is more aggressive, especially in oil, than the original version. Looking at the success of the original Virtual Gravity™, it’s clear that bowlers love to see a strong midlane roll that doesn’t quit on the backend, so that is our goal!


In order for the new Marvel to live up to its name, we used the reputable R2X™ coverstock, a strong solid reactive blend made famous on the original Virtual Gravity. With the chosen 2000-grit Abralon® finish, R2X manages the midlane like a champ, and if you listen to Norm Duke’s interviews you will hear him talk about “transition” and “break point.” These key points are DIRECTLY related to the surface of the ball, the most critical part as it actually touches the lane!


Looking inside the new Marvel, the Centripetal™ core’s unique shape has several advantages for both ball driller and bowler. Pro shops love the fact that this core produces similar motion with a variety of layouts. The RG values don’t change as much as other shapes on the market!


At the same time, bowlers love the fast-revving, low RG design that creates more total ball motion.


If you’re a bowler, you love to see hook!



Victory Road


From the PBA tour to international championships, the Hy-Road™ has won the world over. Thanks to the effective Fe2™ technology found inside, the Hy-Road was bred to mow pins over with reckless abandon.


The versatility of the Hy-Road’s R2S™ hybrid coverstock matched up for a variety of players, but it allowed us the room to develop a ball with a more defined breakpoint, increasing the backend reaction, without losing the ball motion which bowlers came to love.


In addition, the intent of the new Thunder Line release is to extend the original core technology even further—seeing what we can do to make the best even better.


We were looking for a versatile piece with a strong motion down lane. As we designed the new Victory Road, we first considered the core and then the coverstock.


The success of the original Hy-Road was due in part to the core shape that created a roll pattern with ample flare that just seemed to always “get the job done.” And while it can be challenging to improve upon perfection, the updated inverted Fe3™ technology in the new Victory Road does just that.


Wrapping the re-engineered Fe3 weight block with the proper shell material is essential to realizing the benefits of both! So we chose the reliable and proven R2S material for its ability to handle a wide variety of lane conditions. With the Victory Road’s straight pearl mixture, you’ll go deep in the pocket while reaching shallow into your pockets!


In conclusion, Storm® continues to develop innovative technology combined with fine workmanship.

That’s why we are “The Bowler’s Company.”

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January, 2011