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Bowling News USA - January 10, 2011 Storm Announces The Winner Of The Anarchy Pledge Contest


Storm is pleased to announce the winner of the Storm Anarchy Pledge video contest.   Participants were asked to create a video pronouncing themselves the leader of the Storm Nation.  The quality of videos received was extremely high.  The winner of the contest was Computerdynamo.  You can see his video at

 For his efforts, Computerdynamo’s video will be featured on the homepage at  He will also receive a new Marvel bowling ball. 

All participants will receive an Anarchy t-shirt and have the chance to help design an upcoming Premier Line bowling ball. 

If you were one of the participants please email  with the following information:

  • Shirt Size
  • Phone Number
  • Email address

Thank you for your participation.


Stay tuned to for future contests and always remember to Bowl up a Storm!!!

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January, 2011