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Bowling News USA - September 12, 2008 Storm Entourage Revs Up For Japan Storm Fair 2008

Brigham City, UT- Storm staffers and personel, including Storm CEO Bill Chrisman will be visiting 36 centers in Japan at the annual Storm Fair, September 14 - 20th. The sixteen city tour is held in conjunction with High Sports, Storm's Japanese distributor.

Storm and Roto Grip stars including Pete Weber, Wes Malott, Jason Belmonte and Rhino Page will be participating. Storm Vice President of International Sales (Asia) Robert Dong will be attending, as well as four Team Storm Technical Advisors. (Storm Brand Manager Doene Moos, International staffer Purvis Granger, PBA Tour Representative Chris Schlemer and Vice President of International Sales, (Africa, Australia, Europe and the Middle East) Peter Somoff.

High Sports staffers including Mr. A. Ishihara (Japan Professional Bowlers Association), and Ms. Shimizu (Japan Professional Women's Bowlers Association) will also be attending.

The Storm Fair will consist of coaching seminars, equipment demonstrations, exhibitions and pro-ams. The Storm staff will be split into into four teams, and will be visiting 36 bowling centers and pro-shops over a four day schedule, covering the entire country of Japan.

"This will be the first time, any manufacturer will hold such an extensive tour of Japan," said Robert Dong. "This is a new event concept designed and approved by Mr. Bill Chrisman and Mr. K. Kawashima (President of High Sports.) Storm extends our special appreciation to everyone at High Sports for their effort and cooperation to hold this wonderful event. My special thanks to Mr. Chrisman for giving me the opportunity every year to have this event, and his undivided support and cooperation. Mr. Chrisman believes in our commitment to Japan and to our customers. His passion to assist in the continued development of bowling in Asia is beyond expectation of our customers, and they have always appreciated Bill for his passion."

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