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Bowling News USA - December 19, 2014 Mike Fagan announces Scholarship Tournament 2015 Junior Gold Qualifying details



I started bowling at age 6 at East Meadow Bowl on Long Island. I was taken out of middle school to be on my high school bowling team and have been working hard to get better ever since. I bowled in college at St. John's University and after graduating joined the PBA. I have been bowling professionally since 2002 and appreciate the journey to get to the level I am at today. Every experience from junior bowling to traveling around the globe has kept me learning and continuing to grow as a player.

Some of the things I enjoy doing are working out, playing the piano and going to concerts. My taste in music ranges from Billy Joel to Taking Back Sunday. I root hard for the New York Jets and Mets even though its an uphill battle. My degree was in Finance so I also keep an eye on stocks & currency markets.

I will have amassed 30 different countries traveled to this year and I am always interested in visiting new places and trying new foods. The country with my favorite cuisine is Japan.

I also enjoy writing and was lucky enough to make the cover of Bowler's Journal with the article I wrote recently named "MoneyBowl" about the statistical potential of the game.

2014 Champions Adam Zimmerman & Nick Caruana


Mike Fagan Career Notes

  • 1998 Junior Team USA Member 
  • 3-Time Collegiate All American St. John's University
  • 4-Time Academic All American St. John's University
  • 2007 Kingdom Open Champion (Saudi Arabia)
  • 5-Time EBT Champion  (Viernheim '05, Euro Challenge '09, Lahti '10, Euro Challenge '12, Munich '12)
  • 4-Time PBA Champion (Exempt Doubles '08, Dick Weber Open '10, USBC Masters '12, Euro '12)
  • 2012 IMBA Bowler of the Year
  • Team USA Member
  • 2-Time Team USA Gold Medalist
  • 2013 USBC Board of Directors Inductee
  • 300 Game on four different continents


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