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Bowling News USA - November 30, 2015 Former television voice of the PBA, Regional Tournament Director and 24-year veteran elected to HOF

2016 PBA Hall of Fame Elected Denny Schreiner, Harry O’Neale Jr. and Pete Couture


Induction dinner set for Monday, Feb. 1, as part of FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions week


Bill Vint | PBA Media Relations |

Harry O’Neale Jr. of Ravenel, S.C.; Denny Schreiner of Akron, Ohio, and Pete Couture of Cocoa, Fla., have been elected to the Professional Bowlers Association Hall of Fame, PBA CEO and Commissioner Tom Clark announced Monday.

Induction ceremonies will be held on Monday, Feb. 1, at Oklahoma’s Grand Casino Resort & Hotel as part of the FireLake PBA Tournament of Champions.

O’Neale built the PBA South Region tournament program into the organization’s most successful proving ground for aspiring young players over a span of 31 years before his retirement in 2011. A one-time PBA Tour competitor in his own right, O’Neale assumed a regional program with fewer than 200 members and built it into a membership as high as 971 members, frequently traveling thousands of miles while conducting more than 40 weekend tournaments a year.

“I’m really proud of (getting elected),” O’Neale said. “I joined the PBA in 1963, and it’s always been a dream to one day get elected to the hall of fame.

“When I went to work for the PBA, I tried to make people feel welcome and I think that’s why the regional program took off. I think the guys felt at home and so they kept coming back. Watching the region grow so much, and all of the people we met through the southern states made it all worthwhile,” O’Neale continued.

“It was nice to see some of the guys who grew up through the regional program go on to become some of the best in the world. I still keep up with them to see how they’re doing. Even though I’m retired,” he said, “the PBA is still one of my first loves. “

Schreiner, who served as the ESPN television voice of the PBA between 1986 and 1995, also was a skilled bowler who joined the PBA media staff in Akron short after his graduation from the University of Akron as the PBA Tour Broadcast Director. As PBA’s play-by-play announcer on ESPN, he quickly became popular for his ability to apply his knowledge as a bowler to the telecasts, working in harmony with PBA Hall of Famer Mike Durbin as his color analyst. Schreiner’s career in broadcasting was cut short when he was diagnosed with Stardardt macular degeneration, an incurable genetic eye disease that began robbing him of his central vision.








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