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Bowling News USA - March 2, 2015 Kingdom of Bahrain International Open is underway

Bill Vint | PBA Media Relations |

The 13th Kingdom of Bahrain International Open, a PBA International-World Bowling Tour event, is underway at Ozone Entertainment Centre in Sitra, Bahrain. The tournament concludes on Saturday. To follow the daily action, visit: (Photos courtesy Terence Yaw and Asian Bowling Federation).

Here’s the Bahrain format: players will bowl 12 qualifying games in two six-game blocks (qualifying continues thru Thursday). Top six, including one Bahraini, will automatically advance to Round 5. Qualifiers 7-12 advance to Round 4. Qualifiers 13-18 advance to Round 3. Qualifiers 19-30, including two Bahrainis and one woman, advance to Round 2. Each round begins from scratch; no carryover pins.

Round 2 (Friday morning): Qualifiers 19-30 bowl six games, top six advance to Round 3.

Round 3 (Friday afternoon): Qualifiers 13-18 plus top six from Round 2 bowl six games, top six advance to Round 4.

Round 4 (Saturday morning): Qualifiers 7-12 plus top six from Round 3 bowl six games, top six advance to Round 5.

Round 5 (Saturday afternoon): Qualifiers 1-6 plus top six from Round 4 bowl six games, top four advance to championship rounds.

Semifinal Match (immediately after Round 4): Qualifier 3 vs. Qualifier 2, one game. Winner bowls Qualifier 1 (semifinal winner must win two one-game matches to win the title).





Photo | PBA Tour

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