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Storm Nation - April 8, 2016 MY FRIST 300 AND 800

MY FRIST 300 AND 800


Storm Product: ROCKET

Accomplishment: On December 16, 2015 I bowled my first ever 300 game and 800 series [257,257,300=814] using a STORM ROCKET. I was on lanes 3 and 4 at Boulevard Lanes. The lanes play very differently; my first ball of the night on lane 3 came up short and I broke for 5, so I moved about a board left on that lane. The rest as they say, is history. Game 3 was when it all happened though. Cruising along I had front 9 and knew I needed the first one for 800, which I buried! I then did the same with #11. Then, with tears streaming down my face, I delivered the last one [video is on my Facebook page].

Pro Shop/Driller: Dakota Jordan

Bowling Center: Boulevard Lanes, Anderson,SC

"I am still over the moon from this accomplishment! I have thrown 290 in league twice and a 299 in practice."

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