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Storm Nation - October 22, 2014 CRUX 300 2nd game right out of the box!

CRUX 300 2nd game right out of the box!

Name: Marty Deh

Storm Product: Crux

Accomplishment: Drilled a new CRUX just before league. Wasn't sure about using it in league, but my pro shop driller wanted to see how it reacted for me. I began the first game with a 257; started with some spares then went sheet. I was amazed how much continuation the ball had. I figured why stop throwing now... Continued to strike through the second game for a 300! Finished the night with a 236 for a nice 793. I never experienced this type of reaction from a Storm ball before. This ball is a must for any bowler who wants to strike alot!

Pro Shop/Driller: Marvin Hale (storm staff) at Off the Sheet Pro Shop

Bowling Center: 4th Street Bowl

"The CRUX THIS ball is really something SPECIAL!"

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