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Storm Nation - July 5, 2014 300's Must Be Freak'n Contagious

The 300's must be contagious

Name: Alex Jandete

Storm Product: Storm Freak'n Frantic

Accomplishment: Sunday night June 29th, Minh Nguyen of 10th Frame Pro Shop was at Palm Springs Lanes and Alex Jandete also of (10th Frame) was at Fountain Bowl and they both had something in common that night and that was throwing 12 perfect strikes in a row..This is Minh's first 300 game and he threw it with the Freak'n Frantic. Congrats Minh on the 300!! There will be many more in the near future.

Pro Shop/Driller: 10th Frame Pro Shop (Anaheim, CA) / Minh Nguyen

Bowling Center: Palm Springs Lane (CA)


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