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Storm Nation - June 11, 2014 New Ball Does Wonders For Lautenschlager's Game

New Ball Does Wonders For Lautenschlager's Game

Name: Kathleen Lautenschlager

Storm Product: Storm Marvel-S

Accomplishment: This past Wednesday I got my Marvel S and wanted to tell you what a wonderful product you have. I have been suffering with my last two balls being by Columbia and my average dropped 25+ pins. They do not stand behind their products and we won't purchase another. I had a Take Down that will not break no matter what was done to it. It was sanded, and had a weigh hole and it still would not break. I used my Storm to practice on Wednesday when I got it and the first game out of the box was 222. I have since been averaging almost 190 with it and was down to about 136 with the Columbia. My team mates have offered to take up a collection if I will buy another Storm ball. They are amazed with the difference in carry. Once again, thank you for a wonderful product - Kathleen Lautenschlager

Pro Shop/Driller: Dave Bolles

Bowling Center: Bowling Outfitters

"SIGNIFICANT average improvement with Marvel-S!"

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