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Storm Nation - March 26, 2014 Justin Warhol Shoots 300/838 with The Zero Gravity

Justin Warhol Shoots 300/838 with the Zero Gravity

Name: Justin Warhol

Storm Product: Zero Gravity

Accomplishment: In the Monday Ebonite/Legends Pro Shop league on March 24th, 2014, PBA member Justin Warhol throws the first 22, going 300, 289 and 249 using the Zero Gravity for an 838 series!

Pro Shop/Driller: Legends Pro Shop - J.W.

Bowling Center: Port Jeff Bowl

"I had a great ball reaction tonight with this Zero Gravity. I was able to make good shots and get a strong, hard arching motion for 2.5 games. Great ball for the fresh, get one today!"

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