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Storm Nation - March 18, 2014 Husband And Wife Shoot 300, Same Lanes, Same Night!

Husband And Wife Shoot 300, Same Lanes, Same Night!

Name: Sandra Hall

Storm Product: Marvel-S

Accomplishment: My husband, Tim Hall and myself, Sandy Hall, bowl on a mixed league every other saturday night. Back on February 22, 2014 we both shot a 300 game. Mine was the second game and his was the third game. We were actually both trying for a 300 in the second game but his 11th ball was too fast and he got a seven count, but he did pick up the spare. It was rather exciting for us both to be rolling the same game. He shot his first 800 that night with a score of 831 and I finished with a 741, (4 ten pins and 2 pocket splits on the last game). We believe this is the first time a husband and wife both had a 300 on the same night rolling on the same lanes with the same storm product and we wanted Storm to know about it.

Pro Shop/Driller: Ryne Hamblin

Bowling Center: Pro Bowl West - Fort Wayne IN

"It was a Battle of Sexes!!"

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