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Storm Nation - March 14, 2014 800 with The Zero Gravity

800 with the Zero Gravity

Name: Chris Gauvin

Storm Product: Zero Gravity

Accomplishment: During Thursday Knights league competition, Storm Advisory Staff member Chris Gauvin rolled his 15th career sanctioned 800 series (255, 269, 289 for an 813) with the newly released Zero Gravity.

Pro Shop/Driller: DJ’s Pro Shop, Auburn, MA (Chris drills his own equipment)

Bowling Center: AMF Auburn Ten Pin

"“Online you’ll often hear this ball described as an IQ Tour Solid on steroids…which describes this ball VERY well; a lower differential asymmetrical ball with a strong, but very adjustment friendly cover stock. If you have an IQ Tour Solid and are looking for a ball with a similar motion on heavier oil you owe it to yourself to try this ball!! Also, if you are a high rev player (like myself) and don’t bowl on heavier oil, this ball works extremely well with some polish applied. This ball is going to be a winner for Storm!!”"

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