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Storm Nation - February 10, 2014 Storm IQ Tour Fustion Review by Sean Baker

Storm IQ Tour Fustion Review by Sean Baker

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Storm IQ Tour Fusion

Accomplishment: Storm IQ Tour Fusion - Right Handed - Experience - Advanced (I have bowled in a league and hold a PBA Card) League Average - 220 - Ball Speed - Medium 15-16mph - Style - Cranker - PAP 5" over 1/4" up -  PSA Layout - 4" x 4" x 2" Balance Hole - yes - Surface Preparation - Out of Box (1500 Grit polished) What I was looking for from this ball: I wanted the same predictable reaction both my IQ Tour and my IQ Pearl give me and a strong backend. What I ended up with in the ball and layout: The perfect missing link for the IQ series. The hybrid coverstock gives me exactly what I want, great motion down the lane and a very strong backend. I tested this ball on a fresh pattern at my local center. The centers lanes are wood and the house shot isnt easy. The shot tends to hook early in the middle of the lanes and hang right if you get the ball too far out. Over the course of 5 games, I started at my normal area which is around 15 and threw out to 8 and quickly moved due to the hard backend reaction. I knew I drilled this bad boy up really strong for me with the type of ball it is, but I wanted it to be very strong for heavy oil patterns. I quickly found out that I couldnt think about playing my normal house shot with this ball. Right off the start, I quickly moved way left and I mean alot left for me and played very deep as well. I kept up my practice session testing this ball for another 8-10 games on our house pattern. I ended up making myself not hit up on this ball so that it wouldnt over react on our shot. I cannot say enough about how mean this ball is. VERY Very strong and an absolute great motion down lane and an even more awesome backend reaction. I cant leave out how hard the Fusion hits the pin either. Overall: One hard hooking ball that makes its way down the lanes awesome. If you want a big hooking ball, buy this. I think every IQ fan should have one and every bowler wanting a hard hooking ball should have one as well. A fantastic look and a confident ball reaction every time. If you want something for heavy oil, buy it. If you want something to have fun with and hook the lane, then you need this. This ball will be a definite must have with me for heavy patterns! 

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop Paducah Ky-Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal lanes Strike N Spare

"Great ball!"

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February, 2014