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Storm Nation - February 3, 2014 Storm Reign On Ball Review by Sean Baker

Storm Reign On Ball Review by Sean Baker

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Storm Reign On

Accomplishment: Reign On Ball Review: Sean Baker - Bowling Hand: Right Handed Experience Advanced (I have bowled in a league) League Average 220 - Ball Speed - Medium Style - Cranker PAP - 5" inches right 1/2" inch up -  Storm Reign On - Ball Speed: 15 - 17mph - Rev Rate - 300-500 - Layout: 4" x 4" x 2" Surface Preparation: OTB - What I wanted from this ball: I wanted a pearl version of the Reign of Power Result: Exactly what I expected from this ball. A pearl version of my Reign of Power with a good length down the lane and a smooth controllable roll toward the pocket. Compared to the Reign of Power, the Reign on gives me the length I need to get the ball down the lane and have a good consistent smooth motion towards the pocket. I tested this ball on our home wood lanes with our house pattern. Our house pattern is a pretty tough shot with dryer heads in the middle portion of the lane creating a huge early backend reaction for most and a massive out of bounds from the first arrow out. There is a small hold area around the 8 board but you cant miss inside or out. The first set of 3 games on a freshly oiled pair, I quickly found out that I cannot play deep inside with this ball without really putting a lot on it. Over the 3 game duration, I migrated right until I ended up around the second arrow playing pretty straight up. Over the course of the next 5-10 games, I continued to stay around the second arrow with just a minor migration to the left with my stance and kept the same line and angle to the pocket. I also found out that If I throw this ball a little too firm, I tend to wrap a corner pin. Once I settled down and started stroking the ball up the shot, I found the Reign On to roll very consistent and predictable. To sum this ball up, I expected much more backend reaction than I got, but ended up being happy with the length and consistent smooth roll to the pocket. I will utilize this ball on dryer lane conditions definitely or when I want to play a more straight up shot. Pro Shop Reaction: A pretty good selling ball so far. My Storm customers are slowly but surely buying this ball to compliment their Reign Of Power balls. Recommendations: I would definitely recommend this ball for a dryer lane conditions or a snappy backend. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop/Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare

"This is a good ball to use when you want to calm down your shot and play a baby swing or straight up and have consistent control. "

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