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Storm Nation - January 13, 2014 Third 300 Game in Two Weeks!

Third 300 Game in Two Weeks!

Name: Bill Glazier

Storm Product: Marvel-S and Hy-Road Pearl

Accomplishment: The night started slow, but ended with perfection. Made a ball change on right lane and struggling for two games....300. Used a MarvelS on left lane and a HyRoad Pearl on right lane. That's three 300's and an 858 in two weeks at AMF York in Yorktown, Va. 

Pro Shop/Driller: X-Treme Performance Pro Shop/ Becca Glazier

Bowling Center: AMF York

"Thanks to my daughter, Becca Glazier, for drilling up my stuff at our shop X-Treme Performance Pro Shop in Hampton, Va. You are the BEST!!!"

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