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Storm Nation - October 30, 2013 Wayne Schanke Red Hot with Storm and Roto Grip!

Name: Wayne Schanke


Accomplishment: Bowling in the Elite Pro Shop Maters tourney. I was able to make match play, Qualifying for the last spot(8th)after 9 games. Striking in the 9th,10, 11th of last game. I was able to go through the field to the title match. I had to strike on 1st ball in 10th to win. I stuffed it into the pocket for a 211-205 win. Winning the tourney & $500. I used a TOTALLY DEFIANT mapped out by Schlem. Used it the whole tourney ave 219+ As lanes broke down I kept moving left (LH) keeping ball outside so it wouldn't go high.

Pro Shop/Driller: Kawalski Bros

Bowling Center: Odyssey Lanes

"THANKS to Schlem & everyone at STORM & ROTO GRIP for the help and AWESOME equipment!"

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