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Storm Nation - October 9, 2013 Two 300's in Three Weeks!

Two 300's in three weeks!

Name: Richard Dyson Jr

Storm Product: SYNC

Accomplishment: I have had the Storm SYNC since it first came out. For the first 20-30 games, I didn't have much success. I soon after realized, (as well as several others) that it needed a break in period. During this past May 2013 while bowling nationals, I decided to take a session with Mike Jasnau but, soon after quit cold turkey. stopping bowling for the summer. I just needed a break. At the start of winter league 2013/2014, the first week I was so rusty that I couldn't do a thing. The second week, I  focused more on my game and shot 300. Two weeks later, still using my SYNC and I again shot another 300. This second time, we needed it to win the game by ten pins. I love how this balls rolls. There is no abrupt over reaction and its extremely consistent.

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowling Zone Pro Shop - Bud

Bowling Center: Homestead Lanes

"This ball rocks!"

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