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Storm Nation - September 27, 2013 Take a BYTE™ Out of Bowling!

Take a BYTE™ Out of Bowling!

Name: Jody Helton

Storm Product: BYTE

Accomplishment: I was reviewing my email and saw I had a UPS tracking number from Storm. New it was a VIP ball, but did not know if it was the BYTE or Reign On. Had my father-in-law bring it to my Pro Shop on his way to bowling last night. I opened the box and saw it was the BYTE. I have been anxious to throw this ball. Finished drilling ball 15 minutes prior to start of league. My first set out of box: 256 - 269 - 299 for 824. Left a packed 8 pin my last ball. Layed ball out using Storms VLS. Layout was 3 7/8 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/2.

Pro Shop/Driller: Perfect Approach Pro Shop/Self

Bowling Center: Two Bar Bowl

"Great ball!"

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