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Storm Nation - September 3, 2013 Hy-Road Pearl!

Name: Toney Nelson

Storm Product: Hy-Road Pearl

Accomplishment: 20 plus 300 games and about a dozen 800 series with highest set of 857.

Pro Shop/Driller: Break Point ProShop

Bowling Center: AMF Circle Lanes

"I never leave home without this ball. This ball is great on house shorts and shorter sport patterns. I drilled this one 5.5 x 4 and it is still a beast off the corner. Very clean though the heads saving it all for the backend and pin deck. Adjusted cover to 3000 polished. I love this in my hand when the heads start to go away, or when the break point starts getting sloppy, which is when I can move right and go around it without losing carry."

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