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Storm Nation - July 28, 2013 Best Night of League Ever!

Best Night of League Ever!

Name: Levi Hurley

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl, Lights out

Accomplishment: For starters, I have to say I absolutely love Storm's equipment. I can never bowl with out one of my own Storm balls. Thankfully this past Wednesday it paid off when I bowled my highest series ever of a 793 with my IQ Tour Pearl. Shot a clean 258 and then shot got 11 in a row for a 297, my second one this season! I then ended with a 238 after I switched to my Lights Out on the burned pattern. 

Pro Shop/Driller: Hole In the Ball Pro Shop - Joe Reyburn

Bowling Center: Atomic Bowl & Joker's Casino

"Thank you so much Storm for producing such great bowling balls. I just received my Marvel-S and hope to use it in the finals for this league. Can't wait to bowl up a Storm!"

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