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Storm Nation - June 27, 2013 764 With Storm Lights Out™!

Name: Jimmy McMartin

Storm Product: Storm Lights Out

Accomplishment: 764 series during Team Event at Nationals! Three 770+ series during league!

Pro Shop/Driller: Paul Brewbaker

Bowling Center: Planet Bowl

"I drilled up my Lights Out a little over a month ago and have had nothing but success with it. It is drilled pin up above the middle finger and the CG kicked out to the right with a 3 inch pin. I got it to replace my Tropical Heat Hybrid. It gets through the heads nice and clean and snaps in the back end, not real strong but has excellent carry, I would recommend this for drier conditions. I recently used this at Nationals during the team event and shot 764. I was able to play inside and use the hold in the middle without it over hooking and if I got it right a couple of boards it recovered. I used it on the doubles/singles pattern the first game and shot 240+ but the pattern didn't hold up the second game and I had to move left and go to something stronger. It also works well on house patterns, I've had the front 9 at least 5-6 times with this ball but can never finish out the 300. Also had a few 770+ series with it during league."

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