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Storm Nation - June 24, 2013 Storm Super Natural™ Ball Review

Storm Super Natural Ball Review

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Super Natural

Accomplishment: Awesome ball review for an awesome ball!

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop/Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare/Paducah, KY

"Storm Super Natural PAP – 5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17 mph Rev Rate 300-350 Right Handed Layout: 45 degree Surface Preparation: OTB What I wanted from this Ball: Clean through the heads with the expected urethane length with even more length than the first natural bowling ball but lots more backend reaction. Result: Out of the box, this ball hooked much more than I expected. After a few games, the Super Natural calmed down and turned out to be what I was looking for. I tested this ball on our typical house shot which is a non forgiving pattern. 18ft of gutter to gutter oil and buffed another 12ft. Keep in mind, we also have wood lanes. Our typical house shot is pretty tough and over a period of 6 games, an out of bounds forms on the lanes and a dry middle creating over under effect. The first 3 games on a fresh oil pattern, I found this ball to work well playing our dryer mid section of the lanes and not getting it out past 10. I was impressed by the hitting power and little snap it gave me consistently to the pocket and had an unexpected carry as a result. The next set of games, I moved out with the ball and played more of an up 5 board shot. I did like how the Super Natural didn’t over react, but did not like my carry from this angle, but someone with a high rev rate probably wouldn’t have that problem whatsoever playing where I played. What I did find over the course of my test games was a great controllable ball with a very predictable backend reaction and good carry for the most part. As expected, I couldn’t get the ball wide and get recovery because of the urethane surface, but did have some luck missing a bit more right than I wanted and having some room that urethane doesn’t normally give me. I am convinced this ball does exactly as it is designed to do. Since I have gotten a bit older and don’t rev the ball like I used too, this is one urethane ball that I can actually throw well and count on going to on dryer conditions with confidence of hitting power. I have sold several Super Naturals in my pro shop to higher rev players and haven’t had the complaints I get from other urethane balls. All my customers who purchased the Super Natural still brag on the backend reaction and carry they get from this ball. I will make sure and have this ball in my arsenal wherever I go just in case I hit dry conditions. Overall opinion: A pretty awesome urethane ball!! This ball is a must have for dryer conditions and high rev players. Sean Baker Roto Grip/Storm Pro Shop Staff"

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