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Storm Nation - June 24, 2013 Storm Lights Out™ Ball Review

Storm Lights Out Ball Review

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Lights Out

Accomplishment: Awesome ball review for an awesome ball!

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop/Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes Strike N Spare Paducah, KY

"Storm Lights Out PAP-5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17mph Rev Rate: 300-500 Right Handed Layout: 4x4x2 Surface Preparation: OTB What I wanted from this ball: To skid throughout the front portion of the lane with a good continuous backend reaction throughout the pins. Result: What I expected from this ball. Compared to the previous tropical breezes and tropical heats I have drilled up, I wanted this ball to be somewhat more of a backend ball. This is exactly what I got from this ball. I was very impressed at how much more backend I got out of the lights out compared to my heats. I enjoy throwing this ball when the lanes are hooking a lot. The hybrid cover stock helps this ball to continue hard through the pins and have fantastic carry with exceptional skid. I tested this ball on our home wood lanes with our house pattern. Our house pattern is a pretty tough shot with dryer heads in the middle portion of the lane creating a huge early backend reaction for most and a massive out of bounds from the first arrow out. There is a small hold area around the 8 board but you cant miss inside or out. The first set of 3 games on a freshly oiled pair, I played around the track area and really well. The Lights Out gave me a great look to the pocket playing around the 8th board and had a nice snap to the pocket. This ball also had fantastic carry and continued well throughout the pins. The second set of games, I moved deeper and was able to still get the ball to skid through our dryer center portion of the lanes and have almost the same hitting power I had the previous games. I was impressed on the length this ball gave me even with our dryer head area. Compared to the Tropical Heats, The Lights out is a great step up. I was impressed at how the hybrid cover stock really puts the extra in this ball. Pro Shop Reaction: A good selling ball with a great look and price. Recommendations: I would recommend this ball for any bowler wanting a ball to get further down the lane and have a pop to the pocket. Lots of ball for the money! Storm/Roto Grip Staff Sean Baker Bowl Like a Pro Shop - Paducah, KY 42001"

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