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Storm Nation - June 13, 2013 Storm Freak'n Frantic Ball Review - Sean Baker

Storm Freak'n Frantic Ball Review - Sean Baker

Name: Sean Baker

Storm Product: Storm Freak'n Frantic

Accomplishment: Storm Freak'n Frantic -- PAP-5 over and ½ up Ball Speed: 15-17mph Rev Rate: 300-500 Right Handed -Layout: 4 x 4 x 2 Surface Preparation: OTB - What I wanted from this ball: Great skid throughout the front portion of the lane and a strong backend reaction. Result: Exactly what I wanted. Being a huge fan of the Frantic, I wanted this ball to skid farther with a more violent backend reaction. This is exactly what I got from this ball. I didn’t alter the surface at all and went with a strong drill pattern. I did not put a weight hole in this ball, but maxed out my side weight within legal limits. I tested this ball on our home wood lanes with our house pattern. Our house pattern is a tough shot with dry heads in the middle portion of the lanes from 10-10 and a huge early backend and a hold area from 10-5 with a massive out of bounds 5 and out. I bowled 3 games keeping this ball around the 5 board and scored great. I managed to get great length and a hard skip flip reaction towards the pocket. The carry was awesome and this ball carried both light and heavy pocket hits for me. The second set of games, I moved deeper inside playing around the 15 board and swinging the ball out to 8 board. Keep in mind that our house pattern has an out of bounds past the 5 board. The Freak'n Frantic did exactly as I expected it to do. I was able to get great length throughout the dry portion of our lanes and still get a great snap to the pocket. I did hang some corner pins, but that is expected with our pattern due to the massive backend in the middle portions of our lanes. Compared to the original Frantic, this ball is a fantastic compliment and step up for more ball reaction for me. I keep this ball polished with Storm polish. Pro shop reaction: I cannot keep this ball in stock!

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowl Like A Pro Shop/Sean Baker

Bowling Center: Cardinal Lanes

"As soon as I put one on display, it sells within two to three days! This ball has a fantastic look as well. Recommendations: I would recommend this ball for any bowler ranging from beginner to advanced bowlers. Storm-Roto Grip Staff Sean Baker Bowl Like a Pro Shop Paducah, Ky 42001"

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