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Storm Nation - April 28, 2013 Sweeping at Sweeps

Sweeping at Sweeps

Name: buddy lucas

Storm Product: Virtual Gravity Nano

Accomplishment: Sweeping at the Gold Coast Hotel in Vegas with my Monday night league Using a Virtual Gravity™ Nano I rolled the first 3 strikes before an 8 pin stood. Converted the spare then struck out for a 279 for game 1. Game 2 started off with the front nine before a stubborn 10 pin stood to stop this 300 attempt with a solid 4 pin on the fill shot for 278. The last game was 12 of the best shots I could make and I shot my 5th sanctioned 300 game. This was my first sanctioned 800 series with an 857.

Pro Shop/Driller: Parkin O.C. Bowilng Supply

"Feels good to finally have all the patience and hard work payoff."

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