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Storm Nation - April 25, 2013 A Great Beginning!

A Great Beginning!

Name: Matthew Paxton

Storm Product: Prodigy & Marvel

Accomplishment: Bowling on our Wednesday night league, I started off the night with a bang. Using a Prodigy on the left lane and a Marvel on the right. I fired a 300 game in game one. The more impressive part of that is the Marvel I had not thrown before that night. Finished off the night with a 233 and 199 for a nice 732!

Pro Shop/Driller: Ronnie Horton

Bowling Center: Thunder Alley

"Gotta say the week that all of this happened it was a shock. I just began to throw Storm again that Monday before. I will say that I will continue to throw Storm from now on. Best ball reaction and pin action I think I have ever had."

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