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Storm Nation - March 26, 2013 Storm'n East Lincoln Lanes

Storm'n  East Lincoln Lanes

Name: Storm Staff

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl, Marvel Pearl,

Accomplishment: The Storm Nation invaded East Lincoln Lanes Over-Under Scratch Doubles. One of our long time staff members, Chris Johnson fired a 805 with his Marvel™ Pearl. Another staffer, Jeff Baker, paired up with Ernest Spriggs to qualify fifth. After winning the first Baker game 253-235, their next game came down to a two frame roll-off. Jeff with a IQ ™Tour Pearl in hand knew he needed a double and did just that for the win. Even though Jeff & Ernest lost in the semi-final match, the last two teams were using a Roto Grip Defiant™, Virtual Gravity™, Virtual Gravity™ Nano & Tropical™ Blue/Yellow.

Bowling Center: East Lincoln LAnes (York, PA)

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March, 2013