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Storm Nation - March 23, 2013 First 600 Series with Storm Lucid™!

First 600 series with Storm Lucid

Name: brad ford

Storm Product: Storm Lucid

Accomplishment: I bought my first ball on 2-9-13 (Storm Tropical™ Breeze). Less than 2 months later, I bowled my first 600 series with my new Storm Lucid (172 - 221 - 252 - 645). The 252 is my new highest score!

Pro Shop/Driller: Tom Kelley's Pro Shop (Omaha, NE)

Bowling Center: Papio Bowl (Papillion, NE)

"This is a great ball. If you are looking at buying a new ball, go with the Lucid. You will not be disappointed!"

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March, 2013