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Storm Nation - March 1, 2013 Justin Sipma Sets New Bis-Man Record with 856

Justin Sipma sets new Bis-Man Record with 856

Name: Thomas Wolf

Storm Product: Storm Reign

Accomplishment: Justin Sipma has been rolling the ball pretty good this year averaging about 220 in every league he bowls in during the week. Last night was beyond rolling it good though. Justin was throwing a Storm Reign™ and started off the night with the front 6 strikes and then stoned an 8-pin in the 7th frame. He proceeded to strike out for 279 the first game. Justin did what he probably shouldve done the first game in game 2 with 12 strikes for 300. Never did he think that he could do it again but he started the third game with the front 9 until the first ball in the tenth frame he left a solid 10 pin. Finished the game off with an 8-count leaving the 6-10 for his fill ball for 277. Not a bad night of league - 279-300-277 for an 856. Justin has shot multiple sets of 790+ but never an 800. So why not go big for your first one? Previous record was 848 held by 2 people.

Pro Shop/Driller: The Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Ten Spot Lanes

"I finally cracked an 800!!"

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