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Storm Nation - February 18, 2013 First and Second Tournament Wins

First and Second Tournament Wins

Name: buddy lucas

Storm Product: Virtual Gravity Nano, Lucid, Tropical Heat, Frantic, Fire road, Marvel Pearl, Modern Marvel

Accomplishment: Been bowling scratch tournaments for a couple of years and had failed to cash in any of them. This year I finally won my first which was a 6 gamer on the Chameleon oil pattern throwing a tropical heat for the entire 6 game block. The second was a Scratch Bowlers Tour PBA win a spot series stop which was contested on the 40' Athens pattern. Used a Virtual Gravity Nano, Lucid, Marvel Pearl, Modern Marvel, Fire Road, and Frantic for the six games using a different ball on each lane as the left lane didn't want to hook at all and the right lane would have some friction to the right of were I was playing. Thanks Storm for making the best bowling balls on the market

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowlers Depot. Mike Sheridan

"Just had to be patient, pay my dues, and learn. Thanks Storm for making the best bowling products on the market"

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February, 2013