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Storm Nation - February 16, 2013 Bowling Up a STORM!

Bowling Up a STORM!

Name: Don Griffin

Storm Product: !Q Tour

Accomplishment: While bowling in league on Friday, Feb 8th I had games of 268-257-300=825. Bowled in the Lefty-Righty tournament that same weekend on Sunday, Feb 10th and posted 258-279-269=806, 278-299-248=825, 259-267-279=805. I averaged over 260 for the tournament, throwing my !Q™ Tour and !Q™ Tour Pearl and my partner (Tom Partl) averaged 240 with a Reign™ of Power to Storm through the field and win the tournament! Thank you STORM for making absolutely the BEST!

Pro Shop/Driller: Terry Lines, Trio Sport Bowling

"Thank you STORM for making absolutely the BEST!"

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February, 2013