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Storm Nation - January 21, 2013 Sync™ Breaks Bad Streak!

Sync™ Breaks Bad Streak!

Name: David Hiatt

Storm Product: Sync

Accomplishment: I happened to get lucky and purchase a Sync and talked to the pro shop operator and asked for a heavy mid roll layout. I got more than I bargained for. I started out Friday night with my Hy-Road and could not find anything. In the second game I decided to try the new Sync. Never throwing it, and not knowing what to expect, I found out quickly the power of this ball. I Shot 191 with the Hy-Road, 211 and 279 with the new Sync for a 681!

Pro Shop/Driller: Tony Norcia

Bowling Center: Brunswick Lakewood Lanes

"This ball cuts through carry down and heavy volume. If the backend is dry, it has a wicked strong move. if there is carry down, the move is less pronounced but still strong through the pins. My best buy to date was the new Sync!"

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