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Storm Nation - January 18, 2013 Victory Road Scores Once Again!

Name: Mike Craig

Storm Product: Victory Road

Accomplishment: Andy Duncan pulled out his trusted Victory Road™ and shot 2 300's in a 10 day span. Rolling at Sequoia Pro Bowl on Jan 7, Andy strung 12 strikes for his 3rd 300. Then on Jan 17, Andy started strong with a 300 the first game enroute to a 726 series. Andy had left the Victory Road at home for a couple of weeks when the lanes were on the slicker side, but decided to start carrying it again and it paid off.

Pro Shop/Driller: Singerz Shop - Mike Craig

Bowling Center: Sequoia Pro Bowl - Palace Lanes

"I have several Storm/Roto Grip products from the past and still am impressed with the way these products hit and roll. My first 300 was with a 3 year old Sure Fire and I still throw a Second Dimension when the lanes merit it."

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