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Storm Nation - January 17, 2013 300 with the IQ™ Tour Pearl

300 with the IQ Tour™ Pearl

Name: Bill Fong

Storm Product: IQ Tour Pearl Tour- Roto Grip Rising Star

Accomplishment: January 16th 2013, 300 IQ Tour Pearl bowling on left lane, Roto Grip Rising Star bowling on right lane.

Pro Shop/Driller: Bowling Medic Pro Shop/Bill Fong

Bowling Center: Plano Super Bowl,TX.

"I am amazed that i even tried the IQ Tour Pearl. I thought the ball was made for high rev bowlers. I am a stroker distancing myself from that ball. More people ask me about that ball and I kept on selling and watching people throw it with positive remarks. I decided to try it so I could give feedback to customers questioning the reaction. I had the regular IQ when lanes started to get burnt, which was weaker than Nano and you can play the same line. The IQ Tour Pearl has more backend, midlane roll with pleasing results for a polished ball. Pleasently surprised!!!"

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