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Storm Nation - January 4, 2013 Terry Rohrer Wins with IQ Tour™

Name: Terry Rohrer

Storm Product: IQ Tour

Accomplishment: Using the IQ Tour I won the Singles Sweeper at Munsee Lanes in Muncie IN.

Pro Shop/Driller: Trace Chamberlin Crazy Pinz Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Georgetown Bowl

"With only 4 people to shoot over 650 in 4 squads (122 entries) the IQ tour gave me a reaction that allowed me to win with 726. The ball read the lanes and matched up to the difficult lane conditions. From pair to pair it was able to overcome the changes and continue to strike when others couldn't. This ball is the first out of my bag and give me a read on the lanes like no other. It matches up well to so many conditions that everyone should have one in there bag."

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