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Storm Nation - December 7, 2012 Singer Challenges City Record with IQ Tour™

Singer Challenges City Record with IQ Tour™

Name: Mike Craig

Storm Product: IQ Tour

Accomplishment: Rod Singer threw games of 300-279-299 for an 878 series. Rod have the first 9 strikes every game and left a 4 pin in game 2 on the first ball in the tenth and left a 10 pin on the fill ball of game 3. This left him 1 pin short of the Columbus Ohio city record for a 3 game series. Rod threw an IQ Tour that he drilled at his pro shop, Singerz Shop. Rod is currently averaging 238 in the Auto Smart Trios league which features the best bowlers in central Ohio.

Pro Shop/Driller: Rod Singer - Singerz Shop

Bowling Center: Palace Lanes - Columbus, OH

"Storm makes some of the best products around. I throw them exclusively and am anxious to drill the new IQ Tour Pearl up."

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