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Storm Nation - November 26, 2012 Hot Hand with Storm!

Hot Hand with Storm!

Name: chuck Harns

Storm Product: Fire Road and Reign

Accomplishment:  300 - Fire Road™ - 300 - Reign™

Pro Shop/Driller: Advanced bowling Conepts/ Alan Cook

Bowling Center: Desert Lanes Hermiston OR/ Bowlaway Lanes/ Walla Walla, WA

Bowling Average: 221

"In early September, Alan Cook drilled me a Fire Road™ and on September 20th I shot a 300 game with the ball. On November 21st, Alan drilled me a new Reign to replace my old one that was messed up do to machine damage a few years ago. I went to Walla Walla, WA on November 24th to bowl a 20-game tournament. I did not use the Reign the whole time but used it for 6 games and averaged 250. I had a 300 game, the 17th game of the tournament."

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