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Storm Nation - November 11, 2012 Steve O'Harris Throws IQ Tour™ for Multiple 300's

Name: Steve O'Harris

Storm Product: IQ Tour Edition

Accomplishment: 300's - IQ Tour

Pro Shop/Driller: LB's Precision Ball Motion/ Lisa Bishop

Bowling Center: Merri-bowl and Oak lanes in livonia and Westland MI.

Bowling Average: 227

"I bought the IQ Tour Edition two weeks ago Friday, and shot 748 with a 288 right out of the box. Then, last Monday I go 269-300-194 for 763. Four days later I go 224-300-194 for 716. This ball hits like a tank and carries just about everything. Can't wait for the Pearl to be released. Storm IQ Tour is the best product out there right now, hands down."

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