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Storm Nation - October 31, 2012 Wolf Strikes Again

Name: Thomas Wolf

Storm Product: Marvel Pearl

Accomplishment: 299 - 300 - 835 with Marvel™ Pearl On September 20, 2012 Thomas E. Wolf started out his night with 279, 299 the first two games and shot 761 with the Storm Marvel Pearl. Just a week later on September 27, 2012, Thomas shot 300, 297, 238 for a 3 game series of 835 with his Storm Marvel Pearl. In the past 40+ years of Midway Lanes business no bowler has shot back to back 300's and that was nearly broken on this date. 12 pins of the Midway Lanes record.

Pro Shop/Driller: Troy Bender at The Pro Shop

Bowling Center: Midway Lanes

Bowling Average: 241

""I told you it would happen tonight" - Thomas E. Wolf talking to Midway Lanes owner Jim Mellon"

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October, 2012