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Storm Nation - October 24, 2012 First 300 Game, 800 Series

First 300 Game, 800 Series

Name: Adam Koontz

Storm Product: Tropical Breeze/Modern Marvel

Accomplishment: 300 - 812 - Tropical Breeze™, Modern Marvel™

Pro Shop/Driller: Game Gear- Bobby Eichler

Bowling Center: Fast Lanes Entertainment Lowell AR

Bowling Average: 209

"My son Adam on 10-20-2012 bowled a 225, 287, 300 for a 812 series. This was his first 300 game and first 800 series. He bowled this during Youth Saturday League at Fast Lanes in Bentonville, AR. He rolled this series with a Strom Tropical Breeze. Then four days later on 10-23-2012 during High School bowling practice he rolled another 300 this time with a Storm Modern Marvel. Thank you Storm for making great products."

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October, 2012