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Storm Nation - October 18, 2012 Bob Strickland Strikes Again

Bob Strickland Strikes Again

Name: Ernest Goedicke

Storm Product: Prodigy

Accomplishment: Bowling in the Early Birds league at Evergreen Lanes  on September 29, 2012, Bob Strickland rolled games of 246, 298, and 268 for an 812 series. Bob, a super senior, was using a Prodigy ball. > In December of 2010, Bob rolled a 300 game in league with his 2Fast ball, and he has had league and tournament success, as well, with  another Storm ball, the Reign Supreme

Pro Shop/Driller: Self

Bowling Center: Evergreen Lanes, Everett, WA

Bowling Average: 219

"I drill all of my equipment according to rules set down in my book, "Dynamic Customization", and all of the Storm balls roll very reliably."

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