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Storm Nation - October 18, 2012 300 Storm Frantic™ - Challenge League

Name: Steve Mora

Storm Product: Frantic

Accomplishment: 300 Game

Pro Shop/Driller: Silver Creek Lanes Advanced ProShop/Ryan Zwicker

Bowling Center: Siver Creek Lanes

Bowling Average: 225

"Well, I had previously bowled a 300 with my Frantic during our state tournament; however, following that event I changed the surface to be able to use the ball on heavier oil conditions. This was a mistake, it never had the same reaction or carry at a duller finish. It had gotten so bad that I was ready to retire the ball. Last night, I took the ball to my driller, we brought the ball back to OOB conditions. First game back at OOB last night.....300! Great ball....Great Reaction....keep it polished;)"

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October, 2012