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Storm Nation - October 9, 2012 Fringe™ Ball Review by Storm Staffer Daniel Skitt

Fringe Ball Review by Storm Staffer Daniel Skitt

Name: Daniel Skitt

Storm Product: Fringe

Accomplishment: Tournament Win

Pro Shop/Driller: East Meets West Proshop

"People ask me what's that crazy looking, awesome colored ball I am using. I tell them its my new Fringe from Storm. The smell is yummy! My Fringe is probably one of the best balls I have in the bag.  I can use it to really open then lane up with tons of backend motion. When I first drilled my Fringe, it was kind of skiddy out of the box. I have a good rev rate (around 500 rpm's) plus I have a high axis rotation. I put my Fringe in a Storm Surface Factory Machine with a 3000 abaron pad, just enought to brake the cover in, and laid it out 5" 1/2 by 5" 1/2. The ball cleans the front part of the lane with ease and has tons of backend, (crazy angle backend). I used this ball in August to win a tournament and I used it the whole day. It was awesome. If you are looking for some good backend reaction, drill a Fringe, you will love it!"

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October, 2012