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Storm Nation - October 9, 2012 Lucid™ Review by Storm Staffer Garrett Richardson

Lucid™ Review by  Storm Staffer Garrett Richardson

Name: Garrett Richardson

Storm Product: Lucid

Accomplishment: Hand: Left Ball Speed: 16-17mph Ball Weight: 15lbs PAP: 5 left 7/16 up Degrees of Tilt: 17 Layout: 5 1/4 x 3 1/4 x 1 1/2 The Lucid is probably the STRONGEST pearl ball I have ever thrown. This is a pearl version of the Vivid without the nano technology in the cover stock. I have the pin high above the fingers with the PSA (Preferred Spin Axis) a little over 2 ½ inches away from thumb with reacta shine polish over the factory 4000 finish. With this layout, which is a fairly weaker drilling and the balls strength out of the box it gives me the strength of the balls potential without losing the balls strength by using too strong of a layout. I get through the fronts clean, read the mid lane strong and watching the ball rev up towards the pocket is amazing. You can see all 3 phases of what a ball does; skid, hook, roll and it is defined clear as day. I have never seen a ball rev up that fast and hit the pocket as hard as it does with any other Storm or Roto Grip ball. Everyone that saw me roll it for the first time said the same; just couldn’t believe how strong it is and how hard it hits. I compared this with my Storm Anarchy and Roto Grip Critical Theory which are both pearls and the Lucid was stronger by 5 boards with the Anarchy and 4 to 5 boards with the Critical Theory. I used it in league for the first time on one of the kegel challenge series patterns and shot 289 with a 754 series for 3 and 966 for 4. This is going to be a big seller for sure! If you have any questions about the Lucid email me at Garrett Richardson Storm/Roto Grip Amateur Staff Vise Inserts Amateur Staff.

Pro Shop/Driller: Pinole Bowler's Supply

Bowling Center: AMF Pinole Valley Lanes

Bowling Average: 223

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October, 2012