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Storm Nation - October 5, 2012 IQ Ball Review by Dwayne Da Moude

Name: Dwyane Da Moude

Storm Product: IQ

Accomplishment: IQ review

Pro Shop/Driller: Pro Shop at Sun Valley

Bowling Center: Sun Valley Lanes

Bowling Average: 233

"Storm IQ Review Layout: 4” x 4” with 3” pin buffer from VAL, Pin distance from CG 4-1/4” PAP: 4-1/2” -> ½” ^ Conditions: A. Center A- 38’ house pattern*, All 5 PBA Animal patterns (Chameleon, Cheetah, Scorpion, Shark and Viper) , Kegel Kustodian Walker, AMF HPL lane surface Surfaces preps: 1. Factory finish 2. 1000 Abralon 3. 2000 Abralon 4. 4000 Abralon For reference I throw high track, 15.75 mph, 350+ rpms, using Turbo Lifts and a Switch Grip thumb insert and I am right handed. Center ‘A’ results: 1. With factory finish; Ball had too much length on all test patterns, including PBA animals. Trying to change hand positions from side rotation dominace to more up the back created better early read, but I still saw a lot of over/under at the break point. Not a good look for me. 2. Adjusting to 1000 Abralon; This surface gave me the best read on all (5) of the PBA Patterns, best look on Chameleon. I saw better carry and a more even transition down lane. My tug area was reduced, but I found a little more forgiveness missing right. On the house pattern it would read too early and lack energy at the pocket, fluffing it and varing speed helped some here, but not a good match for my roll and speed. 3. Adjusting to 2000 Abralon; I enjoyed this reaction a lot, but I needed to put it away by mid second game on the house shot or I was in jail chasing something that wasn’t there. We all have had that great ball shape and look before, but it just didn’t quite match up. Waiting too long before a ball change cancost you here. The PBA patterns played much better than with the factory finish, seeing Viper as this surface’s favorite. 4. Adjusting to 4000; Just as the factory 3000 finish was too over/under for my roll, the 4000 was as well. It did have a decent look on Cheetah early on, but for my ball roll, this is not a good choice. Overview; The IQ is a great ball out of the gates in 2000 Abralon finish. I have started many a league sessions with 240-270 opening games with it. It looks very good on a THS, and with different surface preps may work well on other patterns as well. You need to know when to put this ball away, as it can fool you into thinking it still has a look that is not there. I am a big fan of the Centripetal Core, and the Modern Marvel is by far my favorite ball. The IQ compliments the Modern Marvel quite well, and for many it will become a great addition to their arsenal."

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October, 2012