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Storm Nation - September 23, 2012 Roll Like Augustine

Name: Dennis Augustine Jr.

Storm Product: Storm Hy-Road

Accomplishment: Two 300 games with Hy-Road.

Pro Shop/Driller: Todd Weister

Bowling Center: Weister's Strike Zone

Bowling Average: 182

"I originally received this ball from a Storm/Rotogrip clinic in Rothschild. This ball has went to numerous tournaments with me, I've taken this ball in and cared for it as if it was my own kid. 2-300's and 1-697! Keep up the work Storm your products are what keeps me going! :) Like I roll, never let the good times go, like I roll, let's turn up the heat and put on the show, like I roll, we'll show 'em all what we know!Li"

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September, 2012