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Storm Nation - September 22, 2012 Peebles on the Solid Road to Perfection Again!

Peebles on the Solid Road to perfection again!

Name: Ryan Peebles

Storm Product: T-Road Solid

Accomplishment: Seventh-career sanctioned 300 game with T-Road™ Solid.

Pro Shop/Driller: Empire Pro Shop/Mike Corum

Bowling Center: Plaza Lanes in Fremont, Ohio

Bowling Average: 236

"Rolled my seventh-career sanctioned 300 game on September 21, 2012 at Plaza Lanes in Fremont, Ohio. Used the T-Road™ Solid in accomplishing my feat. Rolled a 775 series after splitting the opening two frames. Switched to the T-Road Solid and struck 27 times in 32 attempts. The other five attempts were back-row leaves: two 10-pins, two 7-pins, and one 9-pin. God bless the Road series... and God bless the Storm Nation!"

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September, 2012